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BEA Bible

₱ 765.oo only

What’s inside?

✓Diglot Bible (English-Ilocano)
✓Our Basic Christian Affirmations
✓Distinctive Wesleyan Emphases
✓General Rules “Code of Ethics for Methodists”
✓Summary Outline of Christian Doctrines
✓FACTS that God Wants You to Know



CARE for the Margins

₱ 350.oo only

What’s inside?

✓CARE for the Margins Ministry Updates
✓Distinctive Features of the Methodist Movement
✓The Origin and Purpose of the Wesley Class Meetings
✓The Class That Required Accountable Discipleship
✓The General Rule of Discipleship
✓Covenant Discipleship Groups: Re-inventing Missional Strategy
✓Policies and Guidelines for CDG CARE Ministries
✓CDG CARE Ministries Photos

Please send your payments through 

BPI Account Name: PCC-Baguio Episcopal Area

BPI Account No.: 0563-7980-92. Please take a photo of your Bank Receipt.

*Plus 400 Shipping Fee (North and Central Luzon)

*Plus ₱500 or above Shipping Fee (Other parts of the Philippines)

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