Isabela Coastal Mission District is now connected to the Internet; Starlink is on!

Posted On March 13, 2024

Mar 13, 2024 | BEA NEWS

With a significant increase from less than 1mbps to 145mbps for downloads and 266mbps for uploads, the Isabela Coastal Mission District (ICMD) has witnessed a remarkable enhancement in internet speed, courtesy of the Starlink satellite internet connectivity project sponsored by the United Methodist Communications.

Rev. Hinivuu Pecaat, the District Superintendent of the Isabela Coastal Mission, now enjoys improved communication capabilities through the Internet. The district has transcended its prior isolation, facilitating seamless information exchange with the mainland and efficient data transmission from the coastal municipality of Isabela (Divilacan) to the Baguio Episcopal Area Headquarters.

Expressing profound gratitude for the internet connectivity project grant, the District Superintendent affirms that the initiative will be harnessed exclusively for the expansion of ministry and the propagation of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the coastal areas of Isabela.

Meanwhile, the BEA Communications Office pledges ongoing monitoring of the Starlink system’s performance and commits to supporting the Isabela Coastal Mission District in crafting sustainable strategies to bolster the Church’s ministry effectively.

BEA Communications Director Kier Ocampo (left) personally handover the Starlink hardware and accessories to the District Superintendent Rev. Hinivuu Pecaat (right) on January 28, 2024.

Written by Kier Ocampo

Kier is a Communication Director of Baguio Episcopal Area.

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