Intentional Discipleship Summit 2024 elevates the Church Disciple-Making Ministries

Posted On February 27, 2024

Feb 27, 2024 | BEA NEWS

The Wesleyan University – Philippines, in collaboration with the Philippines Central Conference, orchestrated the Discipleship Summit 2024 to elevate the discipleship ministries of The United Methodist Church in the Philippines with a renewed commitment to authenticity and purpose. This deliberate event transpired at the Harvest Hotel in Cabanatuan City on February 26-27.

Distinguished leaders from both the Church and the University actively engaged in the summit. Notable figures such as Bishop Israel M. Painit and Bishop Rodel M. Acdal, along with Dr. Irineo G. Alvaro, Jr., Dr. Bener B. Agtarap, Rev. Elijah Lorenzo, Rev. Jestril Alvarado, Rev. Jonathan Leo B. Loscos, Dr. Glenn Roy Paraso, Rev. Nonelio Talisic, Dr. Lucile Grace Hillario, Dr. Gladys Mangiduyos, and Dr. Wilfred C. Ramos, among others, participated with purpose, sharing insights and inspiring attendees to approach the Church’s discipleship ministries with intentionality, sincerity, and impact.

Dr. Glenn Roy Paraso, PCC Lay Leader, underscored the divine nature of discipleship, articulating that it is integral to our mission and ministry as a Church. He emphasized the importance of understanding the ‘WHY’ behind our discipleship efforts, stressing that the ultimate purpose is to glorify God.

Rev. Jonathan Loscos, an advocate of the Summit, explained a discipleship process aligned with the Wesleyan Heritage, offering perspectives on the current state and future potential of Church disciple-making endeavors.

Dr. Bener Agtarap, Executive Director of Discipleship Ministries’ Community Engagement and Church Planting /PATH1, guided small group discussions aimed at cultivating an intentional discipleship system within the Church, culminating in the introduction of a unified supplementary confirmation class material.

Great lecturers and sharers made the Summit more meaningful. Rev. Elijah Lorenzo and Rev. Jestril Alvarado talked about “Focusing on the Discipleship Lifestyle” and they also shared the “Lakbayin Discipleship Conference” and materials. Dr. Gladys Mangiduyos discussed the “Wesleyan Critical Pedagogy (John Wesley Academy and Critical Thinking Center).” Rev. John Manalo and Rev. Jocelyn Lagman shared the “Strategy for a Thriving Campus Ministry.” Dr. Lucille Hilario along with the IT experts of the University, shared the WU-P Automate System for Discipleship. And Bishop Israel Painit concluded the first day by delivering “A Biblio-Theological Reflection on Discipleship.”

The Summit concluded with a Consecration Service officiated by Bishop Rodel Acdal and the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the University and the Church to deepen collaborative efforts in disciple-making endeavors, all in reverence to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise be to God for the enriching and insightful Discipleship Summit 2024!

Written by Kier Ocampo

Kier is a Communication Director of Baguio Episcopal Area.

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