God Is Good Online Ministry

God is Good (GiG) Online Ministry has been online since June 2018 through Baguio Episcopal Area UMC Facebook Page.

Social media platforms particularly Facebook and Youtube are being used to broadcast online. GiG Online Ministry clearly shows that the message of our Lord Jesus can break the walls and penetrate the homes, classrooms, and offices of every person who are willing to know Christ and make Him known.

Bishop Pedro M. Torio Jr also known as “Pastor Pete” serves as the Main Online Minister. District Superintendents and Local Pastors are also being invited to deliver the message of Jesus to every person with an online access.

Online Program Objectives:

1. Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus.

2. Declare the Goodness of Jesus.

3. Make Disciples of Jesus.

4. Make Jesus known.

Worship Online Schedules:

Sunday   l  7:30am   l  5:30pm
(Philippines Standard Time)
Wednesday  l  12:30pm  l  5:30pm 
(Philippines Standard Time)

Baguio Episcopal Area UMC YouTube Channel

Baguio Episcopal Area UMC Facebook Page

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