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Intentional Discipleship and Evangelism Conference

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Our Church is experiencing an exodus globally. The issue of human sexuality has damaged our denomination, defocused our mission, and derailed our mandate as United Methodist Church. Given the current status of our denomination globally, we cannot stop fulfilling the Great Commission and that is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

This year, along with the ongoing issues of the Church, it is relevant to return to our roots and heritage as Methodists. We are known for our music. We are known for our systematic disciple-making strategy. And we are known for our organized and deep evangelism movements. Do not forget the results of the ‘Great Awakenings’ that happened in the United States, where Methodists have great participation and shaped the world forever.[1]

Our theme is rooted in our mission as United Methodists. Church happens anywhere because we are the Church, we are part of the Body of Jesus. Wherever we go, we bring the Church to all people who need to hear the grace, mercy, and salvation that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ offers.

As Methodists who continue to traverse challenging times, we need to learn how to be more intentional, relevant, and deep in our discipleship and evangelism programs and movements. These two are the reasons why we have more than 12 million members globally with 80 million plus adherents.

Divisions, secessions, and splintering are here but if we focus our ministries and ourselves on making disciples of Jesus, all these will go strangely dim.



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